Stop in, take a tour, share some art and see what we do!

SpinOff Studio is a vibrant collective of talented artists, each with a unique style and energy. If you’re an artist, or interested in getting involved with the arts, stop in! We are always excited to meet new people, look at artwork you may have created, and talk about our program and what we do. We’ll give you a tour of the studio and if you are interested in the program, we will send you home with an application and a some information you can share with friends and family. Once we get your application, we can start an assessment. That is four days that you get to come be a part of the program before deciding whether it is a good fit or not.


Here are some things you might want to know! What kind of art can I make at SpinOff Studio? There are so many things you can do at SpinOff and you get to chose what you would like to do each day! •DRAW •PAINT •WEAVE •MAKE THINGS OUT OF WOOD •MAKE THINGS OUT OF BEADS •WRITE POEMS AND STORIES •RECORD SOUNDS and SONGS •LEARN NEW THINGS •TAKE A CLASS •CROCHET, KNIT, SEW or EMBROIDER •SING, ACT, DANCE!What are the art activities that you enjoy doing? What would you like to learn?


Are there other things to do besides art? SpinOff Studio is an art program so almost everything you do will be about art! Here are some other things you might get to do: •GIVE VISITORS A TOUR •VISIT A MUSEUM, GALLERY, or LIBRARY •HELP A FRIEND WITH THEIR WORK •GO TO AN ART RECEPTION •GO ON A FIELD TRIP TO DRAW •HELP CLEAN UP

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For questions or inquiries please contact Jonathan Price or call 207-588-7297

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