Cony High School Students join SpinOff for Career Exploration days

SpinOff Studio has teamed up with students in special education classes at Augusta’s Cony High school for a series of four career exploration days at SpinOff Studio. The artists at SpinOff spent time showing their work, and explaining their chosen career path as professional artists.
The transition from high school to the years beyond is a crucial one for any young adult, but even more so for individuals faced with disabilities that may prohibit their continuation on to college or full time employment. For these individuals it is imperative that we provide inspiration, guidance, and hope for them by offering options for what their lives can be like after school ends. Career Exploration days at SpinOff Studio address this need, as well as identify a community resource for creative individuals in the region. Through learning opportunities in the arts, this program impacts Central Maine youth with disabilities by assisting them to acquire new skills, and supports them in forging relationships with the area’s artistic community.
SpinOff Studio is committed to providing a place where artists with disabilities can find community, have inclusive access to the arts, and further their professional goals as artists. As proven by the nearly 35 years of success at Spindleworks, artists flourish when they are recognized as valued members of the community. Through the Spindleworks program, artists with disabilities have gained practical and professional skills, confidence, and most importantly, a respected place in their communities. For artists with disabilities, this sense of inclusion and worth is critical. The Career Exploration program is the beginning of this journey for young artists with disabilities in the Kennebec Valley region who until now have not had this opportunity. Funding from the Oak Grove Foundation has helped launch this important collaboration between the area high schools and the creative community.

Career Exploration Day 1
We welcomed the Cony students into the studio and explained the ways in which SpinOff supports people seeking a career path as a professional artist. Amanda and Nicholas then led a tour of the studio and presented some of their work, discussing the role of the portfolio in promoting their art. After the initial tour, everyone gathered in the lower studio, where a demonstration of silkscreening techniques and and explanation of the collaborative project took place.




Career exploration day two:
Using the drawings to create stencils, the Artists and the Cony students printed a pile of images during their time at SpinOff.

Photo 2013-03-05 09.16.36

Photo 2013-03-05 09.29.36

Photo 2013-03-05 09.23.06

Photo 2013-03-05 09.22.12

Photo 2013-03-05 09.30.12

Career Exploration day three:
We used the prints created during the previous visits as the basis for an extended collborative drawing project. Each artist picked a print, and spent 10 minutes adding to the piece using colored pencils, pens and cray-pas. After 10 minutes, each person got up, and went to work on a different piece for another 10 minutes. At the end of the visit, we had some marvelous pieces that showcased the SpinOff artists’ and the Cony students’ talents.





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