Thank You Hallowell, Riverfront Festival

Hallowell, Maine- “Whatever” and the community pulls together! At least that is what happened in Hallowell during the Hallowell Riverfront festival on Sunday, July 1st. The Riverfront festival is a community event sponsored by the Hallowell Area Board of Trade and the Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce promoting arts and wellness along the Kennebec. Members of the local Farmer’s market, wellness practitioners, and artist lined the riverbank on a sunny morning to set up tents and displays.

The festival officially began at eleven o’clock but already the community had begun to gather, enjoy and support each other. The All Ways One Band began a set of acoustic tunes that carried in across the river and enticed a crowd. Tracey Tingley assisted in the effort to get folks dancing as she twirled a hula hoop around waist, neck, legs and arms. Dogs enjoyed the chance to test out some toys created by Chris Voynik and some individual just relaxed in chair for a massage with Rourke Antworth.

At about two o’clock, the All Ways One Band was an hour and a half into their musical set, artists and wellness practitioner were inspiring and educating. On the other side of town at Refreshments a small group of Artists led by Matt Demers were collected around an EcoMaine Recycling container painting murals. It was what seemed like a perfect day in Maine’s most unique, historic and smallest city.

It was just that time a little after two when a few folk noticed cloud cover building to the north. There was not much warning if any preceding what some remember as a gale force wind taking brochure, business cards, art and individuals by surprise. Tents, canopies and dollar bills were leaning and fluttering to the Kennebec as vendors held down all they could in one spontaneous panic. The rain did not simply fall from the sky but came through all the tents parallel to the horizon.

The early end to the fifth annual Riverfront Festival was nothing short of spectacular but, what was most amazing of all was the camaraderie. It was a members of the greater Hallowell community that pulled together to save what could be from the Kennebec. It was the members of the community that helped save the instruments for the All Ways One Band, the artworks of SpinOff Studio or just held tight to a tent with white knuckles as it attempted to set sail. It was the amazing individuals of our community that must have said to themselves “WHATEVER” and did whatever to support each other. To all those who participated and all those who attended this year’s festival, THANK YOU! See you next year at the Hallowell Riverfront Festival.

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