Jacque Liu & Sara Burgess


Sarah Burgess & Jacque Liu

On July 25th at noon SpinOff Studio in collaboration with The Harlow Gallery will be hosting Lunch with an Artist. July’s Lunch will be a double header featuring two artists from Philadelphia, Jacque Liu and Sarah Burgess. Lunch with an Artist is a free event open to the public and a great chance to take a break and network with fellow artists.


SpinOff and the Harlow Gallery are excited to be presenting the Work of Sarah and Jacque. Both artists work in a wide range of artistic mediums. Their work transcends common notions of fine art to engage and incorporate the viewer. The work of Sarah Burgess uses the human body to interact with jewelry and the environment. In Sarah’s art pieces of jewelry might be a deliberate creation or statement of art but sometimes it might be a spontaneous and momentary interaction between the artist and their environment.

The art of Jacque Liu also creates a dialogue between the viewer and the installation. The installations of Jacque range from contemporary furniture design to the manipulation of architectural spaces. Jacque was born in Taipei, Taiwan and has shown throughout much of the US and other parts of the world. In Berlin Germany Jacque and Sarah co-founded Takt Kunstprojektraum a gallery and residency program.

Please Join SpinOff Studio, The Harlow Gallery for lunch with Sarah Burgess and Jacque Liu. Lunch with an Artist happens every fourth Wednesday of the month. For July 25th Lunch with an Artist will take place at the Harlow Gallery noon to 1:00pm. You can bring your lunch or stop by Slates Bakery or Boynton’s across the street.


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