The Art of Recycling.

KVAA, Spindleworks, SpinOff STudio

and YOU!!!Recycle1

Continuing in this spirit of collaboration and community engagement, the KVAA, Spidleworks and SpinOff Studio are one of 6 groups chosen to participate in ecomaine’s “Recycling is a Work of Art” an annual art contest inviting the community to paint on a Silver Bullet recycling container. In addition to the three non-profits, Refreshments of Hallowell has agreed to let us house the Silver Bullet in their lot for this community event! The theme for this project is “bottles”. The public is invited to “paint a bottle” on the Silver Bullet on Sunday, July 1st from 12-3pm all supplies will be provided from funds from ecomaine you may want to wear painting clothes. Additional times will be added as needed. This event coincides with another Hallowell event, the 6th Annual Outdoor Art Festival and Hallowellness day. So make a day of it, make some art, see some art and be well!


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