Scott Minzy

Scott Minzy

Where: SpinOff Studio, 184 Water Street in Hallowell
When: Wednesday, February 22nd Noon to 1:00pm
Cost: FREE (but don’t forget your lunch!)

SpinOff Studio and Spindleworks are teaming up with Harlow Gallery to create an exciting series called Lunch With An Artist. This is a great oppurtunity to get inspired and get to know your local artists all while having lunch. SpinOff chose Scott Minzy to kick off Lunch With An Artist for many reasons. The first reason being Scott is an amazing artist and we all want to know what is really going on inside those prints he makes. In addition Scott is part of the Kennebec Valley Artist Association and also a past Artist Mentor at Spindleworks. So join us for the first Lunch With An Artist and see what Scott Minzy is up too.

*This is the first in a series of talks called Lunch With An Artist. Please keep your calendars marked as we continue to bring Lunch With an Artist to you every fourth Wednesday of the month. Please check out the following links to learn more…

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