Liam Crocker

I paint landscapes because it brings out a different side of my personality. I use watercolor because it is easiest for me to understand the colors of the palette. My mind is like a never ending fountain of random thoughts. It spurts out those random thoughts that I can sew together to make a portrait. I haven’t been painting for very long. I got serious about painting when I first came to SpinOff Studios, which was on December 5, 2011.
When I am painting my personality changes from happy and calm to super concentrative and slightly irritable. This personality change happens to anything that I am dedicated and/or encouraged to do. Those things could be seen in this list: (drawing, painting [watercolor and acrylic], creative writing, metal and/or wire sculptures, duct tape sculptures, origami, whittling and/or wood carving, weaving, and sewing).
Once I sew together random thoughts to make a portrait, I use watercolor to enhance that portrait that I already drew in my mind. The watercolor palette that I use here at SpinOff Studios allows me to go to the extreme in painting.
When I first started class at SpinOff Studios the people there were and still are extremely courteous, friendly, and helpful. I felt free to express my thoughts in a painting and welcomed to do so. If I lose my concentration I weave on an old fashioned loom to help me regain my focus. -Liam Crocker

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